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This is Terrence Miao's personal home page. You'll find various projects he's working on here, many of which dedicate to the open source code movement. Others related to his work, of which can let him survive...

In addition that, you can find his love and commitment to tennis, badminton, cycling, go, cuisine, wine, home brewing beer, classical music, guitar, photography, literature as well as comic.

the way he's going...
  • Little about me
    • Here is my latest CV in PDF format. If you are interested in it, or want to offer some interesting and challengable projects, or like to exploit my knowledge, experience and personal network, feel free to drop me an email or give me a buzz!
    • After I leave Melbourne University, I start my IT Consulting Company "Intelligent Business Solutions and Services Pty. Ltd.". I work as an Independent IT consultant, carry on various IT contract jobs across different industry, and some very exciting with great expectation afterwork projects I really love to make a big bang (will publish more details on my website soon).
    • Mar 31st, 2006, I am leaving Melbourne University where I have been there for seven and half years as a software developer.
    • My Professional Experience and Knowledge - I was struggling to get my Curriculum Vitae and selected criteria ready for a new position. Although it's only represent a fraction of my career, finally there are something published on my website about who I am. Sorry, you are not from Google's HR please.
    • I live in Melbourne, one of the most livable city in the world. The history, arts capital and sports center of Australia. Tennis Australia Open, the Asia/Pacific Grand Slam in January, Formula One season starts here in March, AFL Grand Final in September, Melbourne Cup - one race stops the nation in November, Boxing day Test Cricket in December... Wherelse but Melbourne!
    • Webmail - Popular and handy notes and tips (like swiss knives) of my IT practice and experiences during last few years on different projects, e.g, Unix, Linux, Open Source Code, Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server (Portal), Directory Server, and hobbies, hacking down, screwing up other people's codes...
    • LDAP Explorer, is a handy LDAP Client tool designed to work as a generic web based, running on server side. It can let you browse tree hierarchial LDAP server, add, modify or delete entries; and add, modify, delete attributes in an entry.

      Due to whatever happened in Melbourne University since last year, old good time, the host of the web server and a lot of beautiful memories, has to be gone under the sea. LDAP Explorer is looking for a web hosting box that supports PHP and php-ldap module. Here are the login and interface screens.
  • Some Other Stuff
    • Daily Treat - Entertainment, amusement, fun, pleasure, enjoyment, delight, relaxation, jollity, refreshment, cheers, laughter, and a bit of meditation for life daily...
    • Linux Online - my contribution and propadanda for Linux and Open Source Code Movement (back to the good old time, in Chinese)
    • Fish Tank - picture and video captured from WebCAM when I worked in Thomas Cherry Building, The University of Melbourne
    • (in Chinese), is my little brother Abbey Miao's project, which provides solution for multimedia broadcasting over internet and wireless networks. My work is maintaining the website and its forum. You are welcome to join the development or post your ideas on the forum.
  • My photo album:

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